Комикс андертейл бессонница часть 4

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Hello my fellow Kookies!

It is time for episode 7 of Kooki fundubs! Are you all excited? I know I am. This took 4 days to edit but I had another sleepless night so I can finally put the finishing touches and upload this wonderful vid. I would like to say thank you so much for watching Kooki fundubs and making the series worthwhile for everyone to enjoy both lovers and haters alike!

If you all noticed that I haven’t put the spoiler before the video because Undertale has been here for a long time and mostly everyone has been spoiled so it doesn’t matter anymore.

So without further ado! Enjoy episode 7 of Kooki Fundubs!

Play the game for yourself to experience the wonderful world of Undertale!
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1. Sim Gretina
➤ I love love love love love the groovy remix did for Megalovania. Imagine, a very serious and upbeat song turned into an electric funky disco remix.
If you want to listen to the Megalovania remix, here’s the link:
➤ watch?v=Y0jjTnrDCXY

2. Gooseworx
➤ I just stumbled this remix yesterday and became my instant fave! Gooseworx made one of the best orchestral Undertale remixes but so far, Metal Crusher is their best remix yet!
Wanna listen to the remix? Here’s the url:
➤ watch?v=E2WQ58hQyH8

3. I would like to give shoutouts to the following users:
3.1. misukiart
3.2. emoartist76
3.3. susuna56

4. Chocamerol2016
➤ While editing this video, they made me gay for Asgore! AAAAAAHHHHHHH Y U DRAW ASGORE SO HOT?!

5. The Living Tombstone
➤ Their version of Spooky Scary Skeletons is legendary!
If you want to listen to this song, here’s the url:
➤ watch?v=q6-ZGAGcJrk

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17. Susuna56 ➤ pdyx9F
18. ms-wabbit ➤ knv8qa
19. outlandishgreen ➤ 7dJ8Kk

_______Asgore Links________
1. haychel ➤ UKK59g
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3. fevernight123 ➤ LOzmIq
4. AstroBullet ➤ 2HovTY
5. chocamerol2016 ➤ LeRYhe
6. @crimsonann ➤ F5m3jt
7. WonderfulGarden ➤ 1Xu77C
8. The Dark Hall ➤ xpRFDq
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11. Steven Ciervyena ➤ tJeUTI


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